Planned power outages are sometimes necessary to make improvements and repairs to the electrical system. Most of the time, we can do this with no impact to you, but occasionally, we need to interrupt service to allow our crews to work safely. We know being without power is inconvenient, and we do not take the decision lightly. Planned outages are infrequent, and we make every effort to notify members ahead of time and shorten the outage time as much as possible.


Randolph Electric is making upgrades to the electrical system that will increase the grid’s reliability and resilience for members served by our Eastwood & Seven Lakes Substations. 

These upgrades will require an interruption to the electrical service for those members on Wednesday, April 24, 2024, beginning around 11 p.m. and ending around 1 a.m.


How to Prepare

To make the outage time safe and more comfortable for you and your family, here are a few steps you can take:

At Home

  • If you rely on medical equipment dependent on electricity, have a plan to maintain use of your equipment during the outage.

  • Charge your cell phones. Cordless phones will not work during the power outage.

  • Unplug computers, televisions, and sensitive electronics.

  • Notify your home security company.

  • Know how to manually operate garage doors and electric gates.

  • Minimize opening refrigerator and freezer doors during the outage.

  • Check to make sure all heat-producing appliances (stoves, toaster ovens, irons, and hair curlers) are turned off. This will minimize any fire hazard if the power is restored while you’re away.

At Work

  • Notify employees and customers as needed.

  • Notify your alarm and phone company; these systems can be affected.

  • Unplug any sensitive electronic equipment such as computers and testing instruments.

  • Think about work conflicts at your building, such as janitorial services and deliveries.

  • Consider time required to startup specialized equipment.

  • Remember that electrical systems you rely on will be unavailable during the outage such as, elevators, electronic access systems, or refrigeration.

Unless installed by a licensed electrician, standby or portable generators should NOT be connected to any electrical outlet. Failure to install a standby generator safely and properly could endanger you, our employees, or the public.

We are committed to providing you with safe and reliable electric power and energy services and keeping our communities and employees safe. We ask that you be patient and know that we are taking every measure to restore your electric service as quickly and safely as possible, whether the outage is scheduled or unscheduled. If you have any questions, please call your local office.