Explain My Bill

Sample Bill

This section includes your account no., name, service address and internal codes for location and billing cycle.

This section includes updated information on methods of contacting your Randolph Electric Membership Corporation, as well as information on reporting power outages and accessing online energy usage tools. 

The section includes meter readings that represent current billing cycle usage totals, as well as previous totals (beginning and ending).    

Demand (kW) displays the maximum amount of energy consumed during a given time period over the course of the current billing period.

WPCA represents the current rate for Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment.

WPCA is applied when the average cost of purchased power to the cooperative deviates from the base cost of purchased power used in the design of the cooperative's retail rate schedule. 


This section will help you understand how your current statement compares to the previous month and year. 

In this section, special messages will appear to highlight important information for REMC Member-Owners. 

This section indicates the current contact information Randolph EMC has on file to notify you of important updates regarding your account.  

This section lists your previous account balance, as well as payments and any remaining balance. 

This section of your bill lists your current account charges due. In this example, the following are listed:

Grid Access Charge - This charge represents a portion of the fixed costs incurred in delivering power to you.

Energy Charge -  This charge covers the cost of electricity you've used during the current billing period. 

WPCA - As previously described (see section 5), the WPCA charge represents the Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment. 

PHP - PHP is a voluntary opt-in program. It is shown here as an example of where these type of charges appear. It is not an element of standard charges for those who choose not to enroll. If you would like to learn more about PHP or enroll, please visit  the PHP page on this site 

This section includes any regulatory charges incurred in compliance of governmental policies. This example includes the NC Renewable Energy Charge, which recovers the cooperative's incremental costs associated with meeting the NC Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (REPS). 

For more information on REPS, please visit the REPS page on the North Carolina Utilities Commission website

All electric homes that meet Randolph EMC's energy efficient standards can qualify for a discount on their monthly energy charge. 

This section indicates the total amount currently due on your account. 

This section contains all information necessary when paying your monthly bill by mail. Member-Owners should fill out the "Amount Enclosed" and "Check #" sections  and include this perforated section with their payment.