Randolph EMC and its statewide office staff continually monitor government activities at the federal, state and local levels that may affect co-op members and their communities. We strive to keep members informed about these issues through our member newsletter, Watts Working. The following links can provide additional information about the issues that affect you as a member.

Voices for Cooperative Power

Contact U.S. Representatives and Senators about electric cooperatives' priorities. The policy decisions they make can significantly raise the electric bills of co-op member-owners.

Co-ops Vote

Co-ops Vote is a non-partisan, national cooperative effort to encourage our employees and members to register to vote.

Other Government Resources

Political Action Committees

Electric cooperative employees support two political action committees, the Rural Electric Action Program (REAP), and Action Committee for Rural Electrification (ACRE). REAP supports the election of legislative and Council of State candidates in North Carolina. A national organization, ACRE funds provide assistance to congressional candidates. More than 2,000 individual supporters in our state make contributions to both REAP and ACRE. The most common contribution is $10 for REAP and $25 for ACRE. The political action committees of electric cooperatives survive on the strength of widespread participation by employees and board members.

North Carolina Rural Electrification Authority

  • Ensures that customers in the predominantly rural areas of the state have access to adequate, dependable, and affordable electric and telephone service.

  • Oversees the application of the electric and telephone cooperatives rules and regulations to ensure they are administered according to the manner in which they are written.

  • Receives and investigates member complaints of the cooperatives.

  • Advises cooperatives regarding recommended changes in rules and regulations.