REMC's 85th Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of Randolph Electric Membership Corp. was held in the gymnasium of Southwestern Randolph High School, 1641 Hopewell Friends Road, Asheboro, at 6:30 pm on Friday, June 16, 2023.



The agenda for the meeting included the following:

1) Report from Officers, Directors and Committees.

2) Election of Directors from Districts 2, 4 and 7.

3) Transaction of such other and further business as may have come before said meeting or any adjournments thereof.

This is pursuant to Article IV, Section 4.03 of the cooperative bylaws. Each member is urged to participate in the life of the cooperative.

Directorate Elections

One of the most important functions of the Annual Meeting is member-owners participating in the democratic process of electing members of our Board of Directors. The board is made up of members like you who live in our communities and work to make the best decisions for our cooperative.

Pursuant to Article V, Section 5.05 of the Bylaws of the Cooperative, Randolph EMC’s District Nominating Committees met on March 20, 2023, and selected the following candidates to represent their respective districts. No other members petitioned to add their names to the ballot for the 2023 Director Election. Therefore, each candidate is unopposed.

Pursuant to Article V, Section 5.03 of the Bylaws of the Cooperative, Randolph EMC dispensed with balloting for uncontested elections to spare the cooperative from incurring unnecessary expenses. The Credentials and Election Committee announced the results of the uncontested election at the 2023 Annual Meeting, and the members accepted the results by acclamation.

Scott Cole | District 2

Scott Cole has represented District 2 on the Board of Directors since 2019. He is a native of Seagrove, NC, and graduated from Southwestern Randolph High School. Cole holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Appalachian State University and a Master of Science in Plant and Soil Science from NC A&T State University. He is a registered Environmental Health Specialist and a licensed Soil Scientist in the state of North Carolina.

Cole is the Environmental Health Program Director with the Montgomery County Department of Health and provides private soil consultation services. He and his wife, Michelle, and two sons reside in Seagrove and attend Pleasant Hill Primitive Baptist Church. 


Jerry Bowman | District 4

Jerry Bowman is the President of the Board of Directors, representing District 4 since 1993. He is the former owner of Stuart-Bowman Auto Centre and has been involved in automobile sales and service since 1964.

Bowman is a board member of Carolina Bank, is Past President and a Red Jacket Club member of the Asheboro/Randolph Chamber of Commerce and is a charter member and past officer of the Randolph Rotary Club. He and his wife, Wanda, reside in Asheboro and attend Central United Methodist Church. Mr. Bowman enjoys spending time with his wife, three grandchildren and one great-grandchild.


Tammie Phillips | District 7

Tammie Phillips is the Vice President of the Board of Directors, representing district 7 since 2008. Phillips attended East Columbus High School and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with a concentration in law and political philosophy from North Carolina State University in 1997. She is employed by the North Carolina Department of Justice.

Phillips and her husband, Jonathan, reside in Goldston with their two children. She attends Tyson’s Creek Baptist Church where she is a leader and Sunday School teacher. Phillips is also actively involved in the athletics Boosters at both Bonlee School and Chatham Central High School.



Asheboro, North Carolina

Eighty Fourth Annual Meeting of the Membership

June 17, 2022

The 84th Annual Member Meeting of the membership of Randolph Electric Membership Corporation (hereinafter called the “Cooperative”) was held at the Southwestern Randolph High School, Randolph County, North Carolina, beginning at 6:30 p.m. on June 17, 2022.

Registration was conducted starting at 5:30.

Entertainment was provided by The Harvesters.

President Jerry Bowman called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. He designated the Cooperative’s General Counsel, Aaron M. Christensen, to preside.

The invocation was given by Dr. Neal Jackson.  The presentation of colors was made by the Southwestern Randolph High School Jr. ROTC. 

President Bowman led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the singing of the National Anthem by The Harvesters.

Chief Executive Officer Dale Lambert introduced the special guests.

Mr. Christensen announced there were  1,020 Cooperative members registered, electronically or in person, and the number was sufficient to constitute a quorum.  A list of members present is attached and made a part of these minutes.

Upon a motion duly made and seconded, the membership waived the reading of the Notice of the Meeting, the Proof of Mailing of the Notice, and the reading of the Minutes of the 83rd Annual Member Meeting.  Upon a motion duly made and seconded, the membership approved the minutes of the 83rd Annual Member Meeting.  The Notice of the Meeting and the Proof of Mailing of the Notice are attached to these Minutes.

President Bowman addressed the membership concerning the Cooperative’s operations.  President Bowman introduced the other members of the Board of Directors.

Billy Maness, Treasurer of the Cooperative, commented briefly regarding the Financial Report which was included with the 2021 Annual Report.

Mr. Lambert addressed the membership concerning legislative and other significant issues effecting the Cooperative’s operations.

Mr. Christensen informed the membership concerning the importance of the election of Directors who govern the Cooperative.  He stated Bylaw Section 5.05 provides for nomination of Director candidates by District Nominating Committees.  He indicated it was the membership’s duty and privilege to elect Directors at this 84th Annual Member Meeting in Districts One, Three and Six.

Mr. Christensen introduced Gary Loy, Chairperson of the District One Nominating Committee.   Mr. Loy presented the report of the District One Committee, placing the name of Lee Isley in nomination.

Mr. Christensen introduced Joseph Capps, Sr., Chairperson of the District Three Nominating Committee.  Mr. Capps presented the report of the District Three Nominating Committee, placing the name of Larry Routh in nomination.

Mr. Christensen introduced Michael Macon, Chairperson of the District Six Nominating Committee.  Mr. Macon presented the report of the District Six Nominating Committee, placing the name of Jeff Sugg in nomination.

Mr. Christensen thanked each of the District Nominating Committee Chairpersons and the respective Members for their diligent work.  He stated the Cooperative had received no petitions from any members nominating any other candidates in any of the Directorate Districts.  He stated since none of the nominees in any of the respective Directorate Districts were opposed, it would be appropriate to elect the nominated candidates by acclamation if the members so desired.  Thereafter, upon a motion duly made and seconded, and unanimously approved, Mr. Isley was elected in District One, Mr. Routh was elected in District Three, and Mr. Sugg was elected in District Six, all by acclamation.

Mr. Christensen administered the Oath of Office to the newly elected Directors.

Mr. Christensen thanked the members of the Election and Credentials Committee for their service during and prior to the meeting.

Mr. Christensen called for any unfinished business.  There was none.

Mr. Christensen called for any new business.  There was none.

Whereupon, on a motion duly made and seconded, the meeting was adjourned subject to the drawing for prizes.

Respectfully submitted this 17th day of June 2022.