Traditionally, people receive a utility bill at the end of the month for electricity they used in the past 30 days. FlexPay allows you to choose how much and how often you want to pay before you use the electricity.

  • Choose your own payment schedule
  • Purchase electricity when convenient
  • Monitor electric usage
  • Customize the plan that is best for you
  • No deposits, no late fees, no monthly bills

What is FlexPay?

FlexPay is a payment option that allows you to pay for your electricity as you use it. The beauty of FlexPay is that you can “fill up” your electric account just like you fill up your gas tank in your car—one gallon at a time or with a full tank. With FlexPay, there are no security deposits or late fees. Instead of a traditional monthly billing statement, your usage and balance are calculated daily. 

Pay As You Go

Your prepaid balance is adjusted based on your daily energy use. When your balance gets low, you add money as it fits your budget. Participants may pay as much* and as often as they wish as long as the account retains a positive balance. After 24 hours with a negative balance, the power will automatically turn off. When a payment is made, power will be reconnected automatically.

The Power of Information

You’ll have 24/7 access to your energy use information through the MyUsage section of REMC's Online Member Service Portal. MyUsage will show participants how many kilowatt-hours were used for the day and the dollar-amount for those kWh based on REMC’s rates. The program will also overlay the day’s high and low temperatures on the usage chart, so that you’re able to see how temperatures affect energy use. Statistics show prepay programs help lower energy costs by 10-15 percent when members are aware of their daily usage patterns.

You choose how you would like to be notified of a low balance, daily balance, pending disconnect, disconnection and reconnection. You may elect to be notified by phone, email or text messaging, or choose all three. This can be done in the Alerts section of the Member Service Portal.

How FlexPay Works

New and existing members may open a FlexPay account for as little as $50. No security deposit is required for new members, and existing members’ deposits are applied as a credit when opening a FlexPay account. Once a FlexPay account has been activated, participants will not receive traditional monthly billing statements, but may access their account information at any time by visiting MyUsage on the Member Service Portal or by calling 1-877-534-2319.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any member billed on our general service residential rate can participate in FlexPay. 

Purchasing electricity before you use it allows you to control your budget and pay as much as you want, when you want. With FlexPay, it’s completely up to you and your budget.

  • If funds in your FlexPay account run out, after 24 hours, your electrical service will be automatically disconnected. 
  • You will be notified by phone, text or e-mail (your choice) that service has been disconnected. 
  • To restore power, you can purchase more power online or by phone any time of day, 7 days-a-week. 
  • Once replenishing your account to at least $25, your power will be restored within a few minutes. You will not be charged a reconnection fee.
  • Each day, your meter is read to determine how much electricity was used in the previous 24 hours. 
  • Your daily charge includes electricity used in the previous 24 hours and a daily proration of the monthly facility charge and other items listed on your traditional power bill.
  • You can expect the calculated amount  to be deducted from your FlexPay account each day around mid-morning.