People Helping People Overview

People Helping People (PHP) is a non-profit program that gives Randolph EMC members a unique opportunity to help others in the communities we serve. The People Helping People program enables members to “round up” their monthly electric bills to the nearest dollar. The extra change goes into the People Helping People account, which is used to fund requests for assistance from other members in need of financial help because of circumstances outside of their control. Each participating member contributes an average of just $6 per year (or about 50 cents per month).

A seven-member Board of Directors reviews requests to determine the amount of donation to extend to the REMC families and individuals that apply for assistance. Some examples of the types of requests the board has approved include:

  • Members battling cancer
  • Members who have been victims of a house fire
  • Elderly members struggling to pay for medications because of fixed incomes
  • Families dealing with unemployment

Donations are not guaranteed and once a member has received a donation, he or she may not apply for assistance again within a five-year period. Randolph Electric members who wish to apply for assistance must complete an assessment for the People Helping People Board of Directors to review at their quarterly meeting. To speak with a Randolph EMC representative about an assistance request, call your local office.

People Helping People (PHP) is a program that provides financial support to organizations and individuals within the five counties served by Randolph EMC. Money for members is raised by members. Those who wish to participate simply elect to round up their power bills to the nearest dollar each month.

Each month, those members participating in PHP have their bills rounded up to the nearest dollar. Randolph EMC collects that "spare change" and deposits it into the PHP account. From there, the money is disbursed by the PHP Board of Directors on a quarterly basis.

On average, you will contribute just $6 a year — a small amount to help worthy causes in our communities. For less than the cost of one soft drink, candy bar or cup of coffee a month, this small, monthly contribution can make a huge impact in someone's life.

A seven-member Board of Directors governs the money collected by People Helping People. Requests for assistance are evaluated on a quarterly basis and donations dispersed at the PHP Board of Directors' discretion.

The primary purpose of People Helping People is to address charitable needs and provide financial assistance to members or charitable organizations in the five counties served by Randolph EMC. One hundred percent of your contributions go toward improving the lives of others, and the funds will not be used for political purposes. You may cancel your participation in the program at any time.

If you would like to have your electric bill rounded up each month, please fill out this formcall your local office to notify a Randolph EMC member service specialist or add it directly to your account on the "Services" page of the Online Member Service Portal.

A request is made by completing a thorough assessment form to be reviewed by the PHP board. Contact your local office to speak with a member service specialist.