Forget check writing and stamps, sign up for the no-hassle way to pay with Bank Draft. Choose to have your monthly power bill automatically drafted from checking or savings account each month.

Consider these benefits of paying by draft:

  • No checks to write
  • No payments to mail
  • No postage to pay
  • Bills are always paid on time
  • No worries about your bill when you are away from home
  • No worries about forgetting to pay your electric bill

Interested in participating?

You have two ways to sign up for Bank Draft. Sign up immediately by logging in to your account on our Member Service Portal, and then following the instructions on the Pay by Draft page in the Payments section. Otherwise, please print out the form below, attach a voided check or savings deposit slip and mail it in to P.O. Box 40, Asheboro, NC, 27204. If you have questions, email us or give us a call toll-free at 1.800.672.8212 to speak with a Member Service Representative.