Rural Electric Youth Tour


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We know high school students can't wait to be independent and free, but college is another year away. We’ve got just the thing to satisfy them, and mom and dad will love it because it’s educational and won’t cost them a penny.
It’s called The Rural Electric Youth Tour, and it’s a leadership opportunity like no other. The Youth Tour gives high school students the opportunity to be recognized as outstanding scholars, representing their local co-op and their school.

Typically, the chosen delegate travels to Washington, D.C. with nearly 50 other high school students from all over North Carolina. About 1,600 students from across the nation are there for the same purpose, too—to visit the Smithsonian, Capitol Hill, Arlington National Cemetery and several memorials. The Youth Tourists learn about American history and the electric cooperative business model. 

For the past two years, Randolph EMC has sponsored a Youth Tourist for virtual experiences designed to reduce the spread of COVID-19. It is our understanding that a virtual Youth Tour option will not be provided in summer 2022.
Because COVID-19 regulations continue to create complexities to in-person experiences, Randolph EMC has decided to forgo the Youth Tour this year. We will continue to monitor the situation closely. We hope that by summer 2023, we will be able to recommend the Youth Tour without reservation to our members.