SPOTT Alerts Outage Texting Available Now to REMC Members

On Thursday, February 15, 2018, Randolph EMC activated an outage texting program called SPOTT Alerts. SPOTT Alerts stands for STATUS of Power Outages Through Text Alerts. It is a notification service that enables members to report outages and receive outage restoration updates. The program is available without charge to all residential REMC members. Although standard message and data rates may apply through the phone carrier, members are able to opt-out at any time.

All member-owners who listed mobile number(s) on their Randolph Electric account were automatically opted-in to receive these alerts on Thursday. Please note that if you are new to REMC or would like to add another mobile contact, you must first list the number(s) on the account and then text TEXTREMC to 1-877-736-2633. To learn more, click here.