Randolph EMC Provides New DC Fast Charging Station for Electric Vehicles at Asheboro McDonald’s on East Dixie Drive

Randolph Electric Membership Corporation (REMC) has partnered with North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives, its power supplier and state association, to install a DC Fast Charge Electric Vehicle Charging Station at the McDonald’s on East Dixie Drive near Randolph Mall in Asheboro. Part of an expanding statewide cooperative charging network, the new DC Fast Charge station is now available for public charging.

“Asheboro is located in the center of North Carolina, and until now, this area was a desert for fast-charging options for EV drivers traveling in any direction, said Dale Lambert, CEO of Randolph EMC. “This is the first public DC Fast Charging Station within a 30-mile radius, and our hope is that, in addition to providing a much-needed service, this station will help draw visitors and economic activity to this area, while also supporting the environmental and cost-saving benefits of electric vehicles. I commend our Board of Directors for recognizing that a reliable charging infrastructure is the cornerstone to making electric vehicle adoption possible for drivers across North Carolina, as well as the nation,” he added.

The McDonald’s station is part of a $1 million investment North Carolina’s electric cooperatives are making in rural electric vehicle charging infrastructure across North Carolina. Randolph EMC and the NC Zoo teamed up in 2018 to provide four Level 2 charging stations at the zoo. These stations generally take four hours or less to fully charge a vehicle and are commonly found in public locations, including shopping centers, multifamily communities and workplaces.

DC Fast Charge stations provide a very quick charge and are capable of charging a depleted electric vehicle’s battery to 80 percent capacity in under 30 minutes. DC Fast Charge stations are usually located in high-traffic public areas or along major highway corridors.

“The restaurant’s proximity to Interstate 73/74 and local attractions, shopping facilities, and hotels, combined with their 24-hour service, free Wi-Fi and diverse menu at affordable prices offers EV drivers a safe place to recharge with several convenient amenities. We’re extremely appreciative of the collaboration we’ve had with McDonald’s to provide this service for locals and travelers, alike,” said Michael Trent, REMC’s Director of Innovative Energy Solutions.

“Randolph EMC offers a variety of benefits and incentives to electric vehicle owners, including a home charger rebate and special time-of-use rate to encourage off-peak charging. EV owners also receive a federal tax credit, and co-op members have access to a low-interest EV loan and special rebate when purchasing a new Nissan LEAF.

Driving electric offers significant cost savings, more convenience and less maintenance, a better driving experience, a healthier environment, a stronger local economy and a more efficient electric grid. To find more information about local EV benefits and the impacts of driving electric, including how much you can save on transportation costs, visit NCDriveElectric.com/RandolphEMC or call Randolph EMC at (800) 672-8212.