Heavy ground saturation and high winds from Hurricane Florence have the potential to cause prolonged outages for up to 7-10 days. Randolph EMC has activated its storm response plan, taking time to stock trucks with materials needed for repairs, testing equipment to make sure it is ready for use and coordinating with sister cooperatives and contract line crews to assist with power restoration efforts. 

“Based on our experience with past storms of this magnitude, I cannot overstate the importance of preparing in advance for outages that could last for more than a week,” said Dale Lambert, CEO of Randolph EMC. “With a substantial storm like this, line crews’ encounter flooding, high winds, impassable roads and other challenges as they respond to outages, which can hinder their efforts in restoring power,” he added. “Safety has to be our number one priority, so we ask for our members’ patience ahead of the storm. We have secured additional crews and I assure you that our entire team will work as quickly and safely as possible to restore each service affected.”

When widespread outage situations occur, line crews have a very specific and methodical approach to restoring electricity. In order to restore power for the largest number of people as quickly as possible, crews begin making repairs at the substation level, working their way out to repairing distribution lines and finally, service lines. The following video demonstrates the process that line crews must follow to ensure outages are being restored efficiently and that line technicians are protected from electrical dangers as they work.

Members who experience a power outage should report it by calling 1-877-736-2633 (1-877-REMC-OFF). Members who have enrolled in REMC’s SPOTT Alerts Outage Texting program may also text OUT to this number report an outage at their location. These members should note that outage status updates will be unavailable during storm outage restoration efforts. 

Throughout the duration of the storm, Randolph EMC offers several options for keeping members informed: