Member-Owned Generation Program

Randolph EMC's wholesale power suppliers realize the value of Member-Owned Generation (MOG) as a part of their power supply strategy. When a member signs on to participate in the MOG program, he or she allows the cooperative to activate their generator when the cooperative’s power supplier is needing additional resources.   

Some of the benefits of the program include:

  • All participants are billed on General Service rate schedule (GS).
  • A credit of $4.25 per kW is applied to the account monthly, based on a percentage of the member’s peak summer capacity.
  • The kW credit is the same each month, regardless of energy consumption.
  • Members receive a fuel reimbursement for the hours controlled. There will be no fuel reimbursement for generator test periods.
  • There are no monthly “on peak” penalties.
  • Participating members are allowed one control period “miss” per year due to operator or equipment failure.
  • The cooperative offers participants advanced notification of control via text message or email.
  • A line item on the bill shows the credit amount each month.

The program is limited by minimum, maximum and annual control times. Control times are based on your location, which is related to the legacy Progress Energy and Duke Energy territories. These details are shown below:

Control time Progress Energy Duke Energy
Minimum Notification  1 hour  1 hour
Minimum Run Time  1 hour  4 hours
Maximum Run Time  8 hours  6 hours
Maximum Annual Dispatch  60 hours  125 hours


To be able to offer advanced notification, it is important that we have members' updated contact information and their preference for how they would like to be notified.

To update your contact information, please submit the following form or call us at 1.800.672.8212.




Update Your Contact Information for the Member-Owned Generation Program

(may choose more than one)
Additional Cell Phone Numbers
Add up to four additional cell phone numbers to receive control period notifications.