Electric Vehicles

Paving the Way Towards Plug-in Electric Vehicles

What is a plug-in electric vehicle?

  • A plug- in electric vehicle (PEV) is a vehicle that uses electricity as its primary fuel or uses electricity in collaboration with a conventional engine to improve efficiency.

How to charge electric vehicles

Charge an electric vehicle at home or at a station located near you. Most PEV models utilize one of the three charging levels:

  • AC Level 1 Charging: This level uses a standard 120-volt outlet and has special extension cords, which are supplied with the vehicle. Level 1 generally provides three to five electric miles per hours of charge.
  • AC Level 2 Charging: At three to five times faster than a Level 1 charging station, this level requires a charging station to be installed on a 240-volt circuit. Typical charging rates are 10 to 20 electric miles per hour. These stations can be installed in the home or at business locations. Be sure to contact us if you are installing a charging station.
  • DC Fast Charging: These chargers provide fast and convenient charging with the ability to charge a vehicle’s battery to 80 percent capacity in 30 minutes or less. These stations are not found in retail, business or residential areas.

Benefits of owning an electric vehicle:

  • Cost Savings: If you drove 12,000 miles in a year, an all-electric vehicle could save you over $700 in fuel savings alone! Additional cost savings come from decreased maintenance needs.
  • Environmental Benefits: Driving an electric vehicle avoids an average of 9,463 pounds of emissions each year. Air quality improves in communities as local emission exposure is reduced.
  • Energy Independence: Plug-in electric vehicles are fueled with locally-generated electricity, not imported oil. Conventional transportation is wholly dependent on petroleum and results in the U.S. spending over $1 billion per day on foreign oil.
  • Great Performance: Electric cars are much quieter to operate and a gearless or single gear design in many of the cars eliminates the need for gear shifting, giving the vehicles smoother acceleration and breaking. These cars also have a high torque over a large range of speeds during acceleration.

To learn more about electric vehicles that are currently available, visit www.goelectricdrive.org

For more information on electric vehicles, please visit Plug-In NC website at www.pluginnc.com

Have you purchased an electric car?

Let us know about it! Please let us know if you have purchased or plan to purchase an electric vehicle that will be charged at home or at a business that we serve. Members can contact us at 336.625.5177 or by email at Michael.Trent@RandolphEMC.com for more information on Plug-In Electric Vehicles at REMC.