Discounted Rate Options

Energy Efficient Rate

Members who have invested in making their homes more energy efficient may qualify for Randolph EMC's Energy Efficient Rate. The Energy Efficient Rate (EE Rate) is a discounted energy charge for homeowners whose primary residence uses all electric appliances and meets the following energy efficiency standards:


  • ATTIC: R-30 Batts or blown insulation

  • WALL: R-15 Batts (including all finishing materials with vapor barrier)

  • FLOOR: R-19 Batts with Vapor Barrier (mobile home insulation may vary)

  • WINDOWS: Single Pane with Storm Windows or Double Pane(Thermal) weatherized and caulked

  • DOORS: Solid wood with storm door or insulated core weatherized and caulked

  • VENTILATION: Attic with adequate eaves and gable end vents and/or power fans and adequately vented crawl space or sealed crawl space

  • FIREPLACE: Adequate damper and or glass screen

  • DUCT SYSTEM: R-6 Insulation properly fastened

  • WATER HEATER: 30-Gallon minimum

  • HEATING SYSTEM: Energy Efficient Heat Pump and/or all electric system

Randolph EMC may require a visit to the home for a home inspection to make sure your home complies. If you would like more information or would like to discuss or request a home inspection, please contact an Energy Advisor at 1.800.672.8212 or email us.


Time-of-Use Rate

With a Time-of-Use Rate, you pay a lower rate for the energy you use during OFF-PEAK hours on weekdays. Avoid ON-PEAK hours as seen below to save money on your electric bill. Note: Weekends and most holidays are also considered OFF-PEAK hours.




April 16th – October 15th

Monday - Friday

3 pm – 6 pm

46.41¢ per kWh

6 pm – 3 pm

5.46¢ per kWh

October 16th – April 15th

Monday - Friday

6 am – 8 am

46.41¢ per kWh

8 am – 6 am

5.46¢ per kWh

Holidays & Weekends considered Off-Peak