Director Nomination Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get nominated to be a Board Candidate?

Director candidates are nominated by the Cooperative’s Nominating Committee or by Member Petition.

When does the Cooperative’s Nominating Committee meet?

The 2021 Nominating Committee will meet on March 18, 2021. Each year, the date and place of the Nominating Committee meeting is published in Carolina Country Magazine and on the Cooperative’s website.

How do I contact the Nominating Committee?

The name of each member of the Nominating Committee is published in our member newsletter, Watts Working, where it is inserted in Carolina Country Magazine and on the Cooperative’s website. Randolph EMC will provide contact information upon request.

What information is required on a Member Petition?

A Member Petition must contain the names, addresses, and original dated signatures of at least 15 members.

How much time do I have to get signatures on a Member Petition?

All candidates who wish to be considered by petition must deliver their petition and required credentials by hand to either Randolph EMC office not later than 5:00 PM, on or before March 31, 2021.

Where do I get a member petition form?

A Member Petition Form and a one-page example are posted on the cooperative’s website, or information can be obtained from the Asheboro or Robbins Office.

If I receive service in multiple Director Districts, may I run for the Board or serve as a Director for multiple districts?

According to our bylaws, a Director must run for the board in the district where they are a primary resident. However, once elected, each director serves the membership at large.  

May I collect signatures for my Member Petition or advertise at Randolph EMC offices of facilities?

No. Members collecting signatures are asked to do so off Randolph EMC property to minimize distractions to Members, employees, and vendors conducting Cooperative business.

If I am seeking nomination, may I sign my own Member Petition?

Yes. You may sign your own petition, however you must have a minimum of 15 supporting Member signatures.

If a Member has multiple meters, does his or her signature on a Member Petition count as more than one signature?

No. At least 15 verifiable Members must sign a Member Petition.

May my spouse sign my Member Petition?

If the spouse has a membership in his or her name separate from the candidate, he or she may sign the member petition.

My neighbors have a Joint Membership, may they each sign my Member Petition separately?

No. Only one signature per Membership will be counted on each Member Petition.

How is my Member Petition verified?

The Cooperative’s Credentials and Election Committee or their delegate ultimately verifies petitions with the Cooperative’s Membership List.

Does every portion of the Member Petition have to be filled out to be validated?

The only optional information is a telephone number. All other information is required.

Can I mail or email a copy of my completed Member Petition to the Cooperative?

Yes. However, the original Member Petition must be delivered by hand to either Randolph EMC office not later than 5:00 PM, on or before March 31, 2021. Postmarks will not be considered.

How quickly will Randolph EMC verify the Member signatures on my Member Petition?

Randolph EMC will begin the verification process as soon as the Member Petition is received.

If there is a problem with my Member Petition, will I have a chance to correct it?

Given the time required for the verification process, Member Petitions may not be altered after submission.

Can a Member sign a Member Petition for more than one nominee?


Can I have more than 15 Members sign my Member Petition?

Yes. Only 15 Member signatures are required, but nominees are strongly encouraged to obtain more than 15 signatures in the event signatures cannot be verified.

If my Member Petition is approved, may I make use of Randolph EMC’s logo on my campaign information?


If my Member Petition is approved, may I campaign at Randolph EMC’s offices or facilities?


Who do I contact with questions?

The Cooperative’s CEO, Dale Lambert, or Vice President of Economic Development & Compliance, Fred Smith, may be contacted with questions. REMC staff cannot give advice regarding campaigns.