12/10/18 | 9 AM Update

Randolph EMC continues to make progress restoring power following this weekend’s winter weather and additional outages occurring overnight Sunday. As of 9 a.m. Monday, a total of about 3,600 members are without power. Randolph County has the highest number of members affected, at 2,400 members, with Montgomery County following at just over 1,000 members out of power. Heavy snow- and ice-laden trees and tree limbs falling onto lines have been the cause of most outages.
Local co-op line technicians and contractors are joined by support crews from Lee Electrical Construction in South Carolina and Pee Dee EMC headquartered in Wadesboro, N.C. All crews will continue to work as quickly and safely as possible to restore power to all cooperative members.
As another round of precipitation falls over central North Carolina this morning, additional power outages could occur. Electric cooperative members are asked to report any new power outages or dangerous situations caused by the storm to 1-877-736-2633.
As a reminder, the co-op encourages the public to exercise extreme caution in these weather conditions:

  • Please heed Gov. Cooper’s request to stay off the road. Not only does this prevent you from getting in an accident, but it also allows power restoration crews to safely access restoration points faster.
  • Never go near a downed or sagging power line, and do not attempt to remove debris from power lines, as the lines could still be energized and very dangerous.
  • Never connect a generator directly to a home’s wiring; this poses a serious threat to line workers. Instead, use an extension cord to plug lights and appliances into the generator.
  • Only use generators and charcoal grills in well-ventilated outdoor areas; a garage does not count as a well-ventilated area. Cooking indoors with Sterno or charcoal will produce deadly carbon-monoxide fumes.