Outdoor Lighting

Residential Outdoor Lighting Options

Randolph EMC offers the following standard and decorative outdoor lighting fixtures to protect and enhance your home for a low monthly fee. This monthly rate covers the light, wiring and electricity (it doesn't run through your meter), maintenance and bulb changes.
Unless otherwise specified, prices shown are for lights mounted on new wooden poles. Fiberglass or steel poles, non-standard pole lengths, and other light types are available for an additional monthly fee. See Randolph Electric's rate schedule for additional information.

Standard Street Lighting

Our standard LED security light.



Decorative Lighting


The Acorn tastefully compliments roadways, parks, and residential roadways 



The Traditionaire tastefully complements the architectural and environmental design of estates, parks, hotels, restaurants, apartments, churches, institutions and roadways.



NOTE: 3-year Service Agreement required on new installation of non-standard security lights 

Please call or email us for more information concerning outdoor lighting or to apply for an outdoor light.